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Protections We Offer

An image of a car highlighting the protective features covering the whole car

360° Armor Protection

The vehicles' full capsule, that is from both sides, front, rear and top, is armored and protected. This is the primary protective feature of an armored car. Overlap protection is standard which covers the gaps between the glass and windows to ensure these will not turn out as the weak points of the vehicle's full armoring.

An image of a car highlighting the shock absorbers

Upgraded Shocks and Brakes

Armoring a vehicle increases the car's gross weight. It is then inherent to upgrade the vehicle's suspension and braking system to deal with the additional weight. Upgrading suspension means replacing the stock shock absorbers and coil springs with properly-sized parts. Upgradeing brakes means replacing with larger, heavier duty brake rotors and pads.

An image of a car highlighting the runflat inserts

RunFlat Inserts

RunFlat systems, aka RunFlat inserts, are secured onto the wheel rims thru lightweight bolts which supports the tire when flat, following either ballistic cause, punctures or terrain damage, allowing the vehicle to be driven to safety for up to 100kms.

Tail Pipe Cover

This unnoticed and unsung tail pipe cap complements the overall protection of an armored car. The meshed high-strength steel plate allows exhaust gases to freely flow outward during a drive, while it also prevents the insertion of plastic explosive into the exhaust system while parked in a seemingly safe parking lot.

An image of a car highlighting all the glasses

Ballistic Glass

RAC's ballistic glass are imported and chosen from the highest quality manufacturers. Ballistic glass are proven to stop one or several high-impact projectiles that directly strike it. Certifications are available upon client's request.

An image of a car highlighting the battery and ECU locations

ECM and Battery Armor Cladding

Armoring the ECM and battery protects these essential vehicle components from ballistic sharpnel or bullet hits which would keep the car engine running to get out of harms way.

RAC also provides customizable armoring based on client's requests. Such requests will be streamlined to the appropriate protection approach based on the brainstorming session between RAC's subject matter experts and the client.

Our Technologies

Image of a TruLaser 3030 in action

CNC Laser Cutting

We own a TruLaser 3030 cutting machine. This technology gives RAC a high performance and high precision machinery that produces extremely smooth cutting edges which increases our productivity and, in turn, your satisfaction as our client.

This machine can process metal sheet dimension of up to 5'x10' size. It can cut mild steel (MS) materials of up to 20mm thickness; stainless steel of up to 15mm thickness; and copper/brass of up to 6mm thickness.

Aided by a special software program, this machine can produce intricate and complex metal cutting designs.

Precision Welding

With the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, Rhino Armor Corp offers precision arc and MIG (metal inert gas) welding services suitable for vast array of metals like high-strength steel, carbon steel, stainless steel as well as other alloys.

CNC Press Brake Bending

Our CNC bending machines are controlled and operated thru specialized computer programs which, as a result, produces precise metal sheet bends and forms. This computer-aided process also minimizes the risk of workpiece damage caused by an improper fit.

RAC takes pride of having such kind of state-of-the-art machine. It greatly improves our production efficiency which enables us to deliver your order in a shorter time and in a more economical way, passing the savings to you our valued clients.

Automated Storage and Retrieval System

AS/RS for short, this system comprises of automated machines and software application to perform operations such as material storage, order processing and materials dispatch/retrieval in an efficient and safe way.

Our AS/RS is made up of racks to store our metal sheets, and automated handling equipment to safekeep and/or withdraw materials to and from the racks.

All these automated process is done thru the central Warehouse Management System application.

About Us

Rhino Armoring Corp (RAC) is the culmination of the combined ideas, interests, and ambitions of a group of motivated men with an unrivaled passion with metal craftsmanship in the Philippine metal industry.

RAC is proud of being the only armoring company in the Philippines having in-house modern and state-of the-art European and Japanese machineries. Such machines is what differentiates RAC from its competitors.

RAC prides itself of highly skilled metal craftsmen and engineers who excel in their crafts. These combined expertise turns a typical commercial vehicle into a well protected and hardened automobile without compromising comfort. Our pool of customers can attest to the variety of quality satisfaction and a high degree of safety and protection that RAC provides.

The company vision of RAC is to become the leader among the leaders in the vehicle armoring industry.

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